Vopt 9.20  for Windows 7 - 10, Vista, XP, and Servers 2003 - 2012
                              x86 and x64 compatible
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Vopt 7.22  for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP  

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Chaos Manor Users Choice Awards "For about the twentieth year in a row the Chaos Manor Users Choice Award for disk defragmenter goes to Golden Bow's VOPT." --Jerry Pournelle

PC World "A top-flight defragging program, Vopt is compatible with Vista and defrags system Restore Points. The program also has some nice exras, including tools to delete temp files and a slick feature that closes unnecessary apps, including Services." --Steve Bass


SOFTOOGLE "A compact, fast, and easy-to-set-up defragmenter capable of working on a schedule. It erases the various junk files (such as temp files); changes the size of the swap file and cache; displays system processes, resources etc." 

"...ugly web site." --various sources


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